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Gantry Cutter Suction ROV VVL-LMJ-DQ100A

Gantry Cutter Suction ROV VVL-LMJ-DQ100A

Product Details:

Place of Origin:Weihai
Brand Name:VVLAI
Model Number:VVL-LMJ-DQ100A

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity:1 set
Packaging Details:Container
Delivery Time:90days
Payment Terms:TT
Supply Ability:50 sets per year
ROV Size: Extended Size :11500*11500*8500mm Weight: 45000kg
Power: 30kw Flow Bar: 350m3/ H

Gantry Cutter Suction ROV


Gantry Cutter Suction ROV VVL-LMJ-DQ100A


The construction of large bridge across sea and deep water is an important basic project in the construction of intelligent port and ocean engineering in China. To meet the strategic needs of marine powers, break through the underwater excavation environment and situation in the construction of large deep-water caisson silt removal, such as "unclear" and "unsustainable" excavation of well shape and poor soil adaptability, blind spots, etc technical problems, using the advantages of silt removal technology of winch-suction robot, creatively design a set of "4-axis 5-action" gantry winch-suction robot, "3-axis 4-action"Integrated silt removal solution consisting of a crawler-type robot and a centralized lifting platform for auxiliary operations.The key technology of Visualization of Digital Mining, Strong Mixing and Strong Suction,and the development of visualized mud cutter suction pumping system for Digital Excavation have obvious efficiency and accuracy in the silt removal of deep-water pier caisson.




ROV size and weight:9500*9500*6600mm(not extended size),extended size :11500*11500*8500mm,45000kg.


Material structure:All structural parts, supporting wheel and driving wheel of the body are corrosion-resistant and can be used in seawater and fresh water;


Power system:Hydraulic system. Power 30KW, star discharge 71ml / R, rated working pressure 25MPa (two sets)


Inspection system:1 set of HD cameras,


Lighting system:1 set of 50w led lights,


Cable control system:Design tension more than 3000kg, design speed of cable retraction and release, 0-5m / min, length of cable winding: 150m, diameter of drum :1050mm,


Operating ability:Flow bar: 350m3/ h, lift: 60m, working depth: 130m, blowdown diameter, 200mm, particle diameter through hole: 80mm;


Hydraulic twist suction head:Rotating speed: 0-40r/min,rotating torque: 5000NM, passing particle diameter: 80mm, driving mode: hydraulic motor;


Deck unit:Embedded host, I5 processor, 1t hard disk, 128GB SSD, 19 inch high brightness LCD, multi screen control center, industrial level control handle


Platform size:12000x9200x4825mm, weight, 68T, lifting weight :40t + 40t, lifting speed: 3m / min;



Gantry Cutter Suction ROV VVL-LMJ-DQ100A


The first domestic intelligent robot to participate in bridge construction project "changtai Yangtze river bridge",which is the priority project of "13th Five Year Plan"


>Shandong Future Robot Co., Ltd Brief Introduction


Shandong Future Robot Co., Ltd. has its own R & D system. Its main products include intelligent marine engineering robots, underwater suspension robots, pipeline inspection robots, underwater crawler robots, deep-sea underwater robots, underwater cutting machines, fire fighting robots and other products. It has passed IS09001, IS014001, CE, FCC and other certification. The "VVLAI" brand has won the "Shandong Famous Brand" and its products are exported to the United States, China, Japan, Russia, Chile, Spain, Sweden and many other countries.We have set up distributors in many countries and regions at home and abroad, products has earned domestic and foreign customers’ trust and reputation The company has independently developed and successfully exported a set of seabed mining robots with a daily output of 500 tons, and won the gold medal of the second provincial governor's Cup industrial design competition. The company was selected by CCTV's "I love Invention" and "Approaching Science" columns, and made special films such as "Iron Claw Underwater Salvaging" and "Electric Saw Cutting in Water".

At present, the company has made excellent achievements in the "12th Five Year Plan" and "13th Five Year Plan" projects. It has successively undertaken the dredging project of the open and underground channels in the middle section of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project, the Yellow tunnel in the east section, the Yangtze River Channel in Changtai, the dredging construction of the open caisson of the Oujiang Beikou bridge, the multi-functional inspection and maintenance of the Three Gorges power station, the marine biological monitoring system of the nuclear power tunnel, the submarine cable laying inspection of the national grid, and the underwater inspection system of the army boats. The following projects are carried out: Oil spill accident rescue, Beijing University of technology data acquisition robot, Underwater detection and biological sampling equipment in Norwegian Sea area, Subsea exploration and mining in Baltic of Russia, Monitoring and capture of aquatic pasture, Emergency fire water rescue, etc.




Gantry Cutter Suction ROV VVL-LMJ-DQ100A

Gantry Cutter Suction ROV VVL-LMJ-DQ100A


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