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ROV with Manipulator Arm

ROV with Manipulator Arm (22)
China Deep Sea ROV,VVL-V1000-6T,200-600M Cable,Dams,Rivers,Lakes,Sea,Underwater Inspection manufacturer
Deep Sea ROV,VVL-V1000-6T,200M-600M Cable,Dams,Rivers,Lakes,Sea,Underwater Inspection 1.Product image: 2.Presention ROVs are completely mobile underwater camera systems that are cntrolled from the surface and ...
2017-08-24 10:06:11
China VVL-SHTB-2500A Underwater Collection and Salvage ROV manufacturer
VVL-SHTB-2500A Underwater Collection and Salvage ROV1.Product Image:VVL-SHTB-2500A Underwater Collection and Salvage ROV2.Product Introduction:VVL-SHTB-2500A is mainly used for underwater collection and salvage ...
2017-08-24 10:06:11
China Tracked Walking ROV VVL-SV-X Underwater Walking ROV for Agriculture manufacturer
Tracked Walking ROV VVL-SV-X1.Product image2.Product IntroductionThe Underwater Walking Robot VVL-SV-X is widely used in aquaculture and suitable for the meticulous work of underwater pickup and objects ...
2017-08-24 10:06:11
China Tracked Suspension ROV,Underwater ROV,Underwater Robot,VVL-XFL-B manufacturer
Tracked Suspension ROV VVL-XFL-B1.Product image2.Presention:Tracked suspension ROV is an upgrated design based on the OrcaB-A ROV which equipped not only the 360degree working three axis manipulator arm but ...
2017-08-24 10:06:11
China Orca-B Underwater ROV  VVL-XF-B manufacturer
Orca-B Underwater ROV VVL-XF-B1.Product image2.The manipulator arm can change into a metal detector3.It can also add a metal detector in the lower place4.It can also add a sucking pole and a metal detector5...
2017-08-24 10:06:11
China OrcaB-A ROV,Underwater Inspection ROV VVL-XF-B  4*1080P tvl camera 100M Cable manufacturer
OrcaB-A ROV,Underwater Inspection ROV VVL-XF-B1.Product image:2.PresentionOrcaB-A ROV adopts 3 axis manipulator arm and can finish the meticulous work of unerwater pickup,objects collection and acceptance of ...
2017-08-24 10:06:11
China Dolphin ROV,VVL-S170-3T, Small Light Practical Underwater Robot,Underwater Manipulator manufacturer
Dolphin ROV, VVL-S170-3T, UHMW-PE material,Small Light Practical Model 1.Product model 2.Product introduction Underwater ROVs are completely mobile underwater camera systems that are cntrolled from the surface ...
2017-08-24 10:06:11
China Underwater Electric Cutting ROV(VVL-XFQG-30A),Stainless Steel,Cutting Ropes,Aluminum Pipe,etc. manufacturer
Underwater Electric Cutting ROV(VVL-XFQG-30A) 1. Product Image 2. Product Advantage * Intergration Cutting Manipulator arm with 360 degree rotation in horizon while 220 degree rotation in vertical * Cutting ...
2020-11-14 16:13:09
China Underwater Working Type ROV,Multi-function Underwater ROV(VVL-DGN-A) for all kinds of underwater job manufacturer
Multi-function Underwater ROV(VVL-DGN-A)1.Presention:Multifunction Underwater ROV is equipped with double manipulator arms and the 360゜rotary underwater electric cutting machine which has maximum 30mm cutting ...
2017-08-24 10:06:11
China Underwater Working ROV Small Light Practical Model manufacturer
Underwater Working ROV Small Light Practical Model1.Product model2.Product introductionOrca-DT1-Basic:Orca-G1-Basic :●Monitor:15inch high light LCD,host computer control●Camera:700lines camera●Video:8G●Cable...
2017-08-24 10:06:11
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